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by Shauna Berglund-Immel

About the Page
Technique: List of Words Journaling
Style: Elegant
Designer: Shauna Berglund-Immel

Shaunas Tip: Journaling doesnt have mean writing long paragraphsit doesnt even have to be complete sentences. Creating a list of words is one of my favorite journaling recipes. One simple list is one that contains all the words associated with a certain person, place or thing as I did here with Emmas ballet page. The one thing you want to watch is that the list of words has some visual varietyusing different fonts or making some words bold helps, as does inserting pre-made words like the tape-style fragments.


How to make Shaunas page:

  1. Use the 1 3/4 square punch to create six small photos. Shauna punched portions of the photos that captured various aspects of Emmas ballet as well as close-ups of her face. Each photo is matted on light brown cardstock; the large focal is matted on light brown cardstock, then white cardstock and on light brown again.
  2. Punch four 1/4 holes along the upper right corner of the matted photo. Tie a piece of pink grosgrain ribbon through each hole.
  3. Use the color-blocked pattern on the background paper to place the photos: The large photo in the center, and three small photos on either side. Place journaling (name and date) and a tape-style fragment (Journey and Dazzling) between the small photos. Glue Imagine, Dream and Create fragments across the large photo.
  4. Computer journal your list of words and print out twice: Once on white vellum and once on pink. To journal on a piece of 12x12 paper, cut it to 8.5x12 and place it in your printer tray. Before you print, switch your page setup from portrait to landscape. Cut about a third of the words from the pink paper, edge each one with brown ink and glue them in position on the vellum. Add Music, Art and Poetry fragments. Trim the short edges of the vellum.
  5. Turn the vellum journaling face down and apply glue to the back, only placing it behind the pink words. (This will hide the glue.) Place the strip at the bottom of the background paper. Use embroidery floss to stitch the vellum to the page, poking holes in the paper first with the needle.

Layout reprinted from Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling.