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Beautiful Day Flower Card

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the All 3 Wild Flower Card Bundle Beautiful Day Card Set, or you can order them separately.

Beautiful Day Flower Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: . Print your greeting on the die-cut label first before you lift up any of the flaps. . You'll want to deliver this card in person so the flaps don't get squished in an envelope.



  1. Punch out the blue flowers oval, 3 flower plants, and the ribbon border. Print your greeting on the blank part of the oval and ink the edges. Turn the oval and the flower plants over and use the stylus to pop up the small flaps. Gently fold the flaps up for a 3-D look.
  2. Turn the pieces over to the printed side. Apply dots of glue to the blue flowers on the oval, flower plants, and ribbon border, then sprinkle Delphinium Blue Flower Soft over them. Shake off excess and let dry.
  3. With the fold on the top, cover the card with blue cloud paper. Use the Corner Chomper to round all the corners. Ink all the edges. Cut two 2" pieces of the ribbon border and glue them in the top left and bottom right corners, pointing in towards the center. Trim off the excess. Use the Flower Soft glue to glue the oval in the center and the flower plants in the top right and bottom left as shown. "Fluff" up the flaps of the flowers if necessary.