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Bee Happy

Susan Cobb

Bee Happy
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Add paper strips to the edges of the card front that repeat the colors and patterns in the die-cuts for a cohesive look. The chartreuse and red elements really contrast well together on this card.



  1. Place your blank card with the fold at the left. Cut two 5”x1” pieces of black floral paper and glue one each even with the top and bottom edges. Cut a 5”x4 1/2" red net paper and glue it centered on the card. Cut two 5”x1/4” chartreuse strips and glue one each even with the top and bottom edges of the red net paper. Ink the edges of the card black.
  2. Punch out the black vine die-cuts and place on the upper right and lower left part of the card. Place the large gray circle die-cut with floral scalloped frame centered over the edges of the vines. When you’re happy with the arrangement, glue the vines in place and foam tape the circle/frame centered on the red net paper.
  3. Punch out the gray/black decorative vine circle and foam tape it centered on the gray circle/frame die-cut. Foam tape a small flower die-cut on the center. Foam tape small bee die-cuts near the frame as shown. Cut out the “Bee Happy” banner and foam tape on the top left portion of the card. Use 3/4” wide green crepe ribbon to tie a bow, trimming each tail into a “V”. Zot™ the bow near the words.
  4. Inside: Cut a 5”x1” black floral paper and glue centered on the inside. Cut a 5”x1/4” chartreuse paper and glue centered on the floral strip. Glue the black dots/chartreuse framed label die-cut centered on a 3 1/4" red net square. Ink the edges black. Glue centered on the paper strip. Cut out the “Laugh, SMILE, be happy!” hexagon and mat on red net paper with 1/16” borders. Glue centered on the label. Glue a flower die-cut on the lower right corner. Zot™ knotted green crepe ribbon as shown.