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LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Use double-sided paper on Glass Tiles will give you a nice looking back to your jewelry.



  1. Tear Red Velvet ivory/brown text paper and glue at angle to Red Velvet green textured paper. Place the glass tile on the paper and lightly trace around the tile. Remove the tile. Stamp the butterfly in the center of the paper square.
  2. Place a tiny heart Dazzles on the body of the butterfly and "believe" above the butterfly.
  3. Apply Crystal Lacquer over the traced square and stamped image and place the glass tile over the top. Press down firmly to remove air bubbles. Set aside to dry completely.
  4. Cut around the tile to remove excess paper, and to insure a good fit. Apply Crystal Lacquer evenly over the back of the pendant, sealing the paper, and press the bail firmly in place. Let dry completely. Thread 1/4" wide brown sheer ribbon through the bail.