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Best Mom card

Best Mom card
Designer: Ann Bernklau

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  1. With the fold on the top, cover card front with vertical striped paper. Use the Corner Chomper on the 1/2 side to round the bottom two corners. Ink the edges with Guacamole ink using a cosmetic sponge. Cut a Lacey Label from pink floral and ink edges with Pink Sky ink. Cut Bracket Label A from white cardstock and ink edges pink. Print a greeting in the center. Mat on green pattern, leaving a 1/16 border. Ink edges Guacamole. Glue to center of pink floral label. Foam tape to card 1/4 from the right and 5/8 from the top
  2. For the zipper roses: Let your hot glue gun heat up. Separate all connected zippers. Take the full 12 of pink zipper trim and place a small dot of hot glue on one end. Fold in the zipper to create the rose center. Squeeze another bit of glue about 1/2 away from the first and press the trim towards the center. Continue in a spiral fashion, gathering the fabric around itself until you come to the end. Cut two 6 pieces of yellow zipper and create 2 small roses in the same way. Cut three 4 pieces of green zipper. Fold each around itself, gluing the ends overlapping with the zipper on the outside. Glue the 2 yellow roses to the right side of the large pink rose. Glue two leaves to the left of the group, and one to the right. Glue the whole thing to your card to the bottom left of the greeting label as shown.
  3. For the inside: Ink the top edge of 6 1/2x5 of vertical striped paper with Guacamole ink and glue to inside. Trim all edges flush with the card, then ink the remaining edges. Cut a Bracket Sign from white cardstock and print a greeting on it. Ink edges with Pink Sky and mat on green, leaving a 1/8 border. Ink edges with Guacamole and glue to card centered, 1 from the top. Cut a 6 1/2 strip of each of pink, yellow, and green zipper trim. With hot glue, glue the pink zipper trim overlapping the bottom of the greeting label. Glue the yellow and green below the pink, as shown. Trim any excess.