Birthday Buckle Card

Teresa Welch

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Take Flight Album
By Teresa Welch

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  • Darkroom Double-Sided Paper Pack (link)
  • Darkroom Embellies™ (link)
  • Birthday Cheer stamp set (link)
  • Designer Tool Kit #3 (link)
  • Brown cardstock (link)
  • 30" of ⅛" wide gold grosgrain ribbon
  • Gold embroidery thread
  • Zing! Chestnut Opaque embossing powder (link)
  • VersaMark™ ink pad (link)
  • Acrylic stamping block (link)
  • Heat gun (link)
  • Wire cutters or heavy scissors
  • Craft glue (link)
  • Foam tape (link)
  • 5"x6½" white card & envelope (link)


  1. For the card front: Open the card and cut 1" off the right front edge. Cover the front with brown cardstock. Cut a 3¾"x6¼" Darkroom brown tiles paper and glue centered on the front. Cut the Victorian cutaway from Darkroom yellow tiles paper, trimming 1" off the straight edge. Mat the curved edge on cardstock with 1/16" borders.
  2. Cut a 1" wide strip of Darkroom striped paper and glue to the yellow tiles piece along the left straight edge, and trim the ends even. Cut two 7" ribbons and wrap both over the striped border, gluing the ends to the back. Cut the scalloped tag from Darkroom tan paper and trim ⅞" off the straight end. Stamp “Happy Birthday” and two swirls as shown with VersaMark™. Cover with embossing powder, tap off the excess, and heat to melt.
  3. Mat the tag on cardstock with 1/16" borders. Cut a 2¼"x¼" cardstock strip and cut a “V” notch in each end. Fold the strip and glue extending off the rounded end of the tag. Insert a ¾" Embellies™ brad over the ends. Glue the tag to the yellow piece, ⅞" from the top.
  4. Foam tape the yellow piece to the front, leaving 3" untaped on the right edge from just above the center downward to allow the buckle to be inserted. Make a 4-loop bow and tie the center with thread. Glue to the tag at the upper left. Cut the prongs off a ⅝" brad and glue to the bow center.
  5. For the inside: Cut 2¼"x6 3/8” Darkroom striped paper and mat on cardstock with 1/16" borders. Glue to the inside, aligning the right edges. Cut a scalloped tag from Darkroom text paper and cut ⅝" off the straight end. Mat on Darkroom brown paper with 1/16" borders, and fold ⅝" under on the straight end. Position the folded flap on the striped paper ⅜" from the right edge and 1⅛" from the bottom. Glue so the tag wraps over the front and tucks under the yellow paper.
  6. Unfold the tag “buckle.” Cut ¾"x6 3/8” Darkroom striped paper and glue over the first striped paper, covering the tag’s folded edge. Cut half of the elegant label from Darkroom rust paper and glue against the striped paper as shown. Cut an exquisite label from Darkroom yellow tiles paper. Stamp and emboss “Have a fantastic…” in the center with a swirl on each end. Mat on cardstock with 1/16" borders, and insert a ¼" brad in each end. Glue as shown. Close the card and tuck the tag buckle under the yellow paper to secure.