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Blessings Card

Ann Barba

Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #5106366

Blessings Card
By Ann Barba

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Designer's Tip: With the tiny holes on the template, you can either pierce them with the Pergamano® piercing tool, or emboss them with the smallest embossing tool in the tool kit. I did both on this card. Remember: emboss from the back, but pierce through the front.



  1. Cut your card to 5"x5" with the fold on the top. Cover the card with blue dot paper. Cut a 3 1/2" square of burgundy dot paper, then cut in half diagonally to make 2 triangles. Glue one triangle with the longest side flush with the top. Glue the other flush with the bottom.
  2. Cut 5"x5" of Pergamano® paper. Place the template on the piercing pad, then place the Pergamano® paper on the template. Secure with stencil tape. Use the embossing styluses from the tool kit to emboss the center, 4 corner and 2 edge designs and the 2 diagonal sections with the heart and swirls. Emboss the tiny holes on the swirls. Rotate the template 90 degrees and complete the embossed designs. Remove the Pergamano® paper and check out your designs from the front. Fix any areas if needed. Flip the paper over (right side up) and place directly on the piercing pad. Place the template on the paper squared up with the design and secure with stencil tape. Pierce the swirl with diamond sections, rotate the template 90 degrees and pierce the other two sections.
  3. On the back of your embossed piece, place tiny dots of Tacky glue on the areas that are embossed white. Glue the piece centered on the card. Tie a bow in the end of 12" of burgundy crepe. Place a 2 1/2" strip of Zips adhesive lines on the card starting at the bottom left, 1" from the bottom. Place the long end of the bow along the adhesive strip. Use Zots to adhere the bow to the right side. Use Zips to adhere the bow ends to the back of the card flap. Trim excess. Place "Blessings" on the ribbon on the left side as shown.