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Boy Birthday Pail

Boy Birthday Pail
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Create this fun gift pail with the boy favorite, dinosaurs! Line the Dazzles with colorful cardstock or simply stick them to the background paper for a faster result.


  1. Tear 3 wide strips of paper from the 12x12 green circle paper. Glue the strips end to end so that the strip is wide enough to wrap around the pail. Overlap the ends and glue at the back of the pail. Punch a 3 circle and glue to the center of the lid.
  2. Wrap a length of green grosgrain ribbon around the top of the pail and tie a bow. Wrap a length of blue pom pom wired ribbon around the handle and secure at each base by wrapping the wire and twisting.
  3. Lining the Dazzles: Cut out small yellow circles and place on the back of the dot dino and red at the chest. Adhere the entire dino to blue cardstock and cut around the edges. Line the large dino with yellow cardstock and the baby in the egg with red and the egg blue. Glue the dinos to the front of the pail with the Roar! sticker to the left. Line the Terridactle dino with red cardstock and glue to the lid with the words Cool Dude
  4. Write Happy Birthday on the tag cut-out. Place the dino foot prints at the bottom of the tag. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and thread with green grosgrain. Tie to the handle.