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Butterfly Mobile

Gail Booth

Butterfly Mobile
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: I taped the ends of the fishing line down to a table to make attaching the double-sided butterflies easier. The Glue Glider Pro tape dispenser is another easy way to attach the double-sided butterflies.



  1. Wheel assembly: Pop out the triangle shapes from the chipboard wheels and glue back to back with tacky glue, aligning all edges. Let dry. Pop out the mirror finish wheel die-cuts and glue one on each face of the chipboard wheel, aligning all edges. Let dry.
  2. String lines: Cut nine 5 foot lengths of fishing line and tie a double knot 12” from the top of each length of line. Lay each length flat on your work surface and tape the ends down while you are working on them.
  3. Pop out all the die-cuts from the Brilliant Butterflies paper die-cut sheets (both sheets), and all the die-cuts from the Golden Wings paper die-cut sheets (both sheets), keeping the sets separate.
  4. Starting 4”-6” down from the knot of a length of line, Zot™ the mirror image die-cuts together, trapping the line in the center of each sandwiched set of die-cuts. Continue down the length of the line in random order, leaving about 4”-6” between the die-cuts and ending with a small set of die-cuts, about 3 feet down from the knot. Repeat for each length of line, choosing a random order for the die-cuts. Trim the lines just below the lowest die-cut.
  5. Pop out the acetate die-cuts (both sheets), fold up the butterfly wings on each side of the butterfly bodies and Zot™ the centers over the hanging die-cuts on the string lines. Fold up some of the acetate flower petals and Zot™ them on.
  6. Mobile assembly: Thread the top end of each line up through the pin holes in your wheel assembly, pulling through the top until the line on the knot stops at the underside of the wheel. Pull each line end together at the top, fold the bunched lines over to form a loop and tie in a knot, leaving a loop at the top for hanging.