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Camping Page

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Camping Page or you can order them separately.

Camping Page
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: This page features layered papers and layered Dazzles™ behind and on top of photos.



  1. Mat a 10 ½” square of tan vines patterned paper with brown cardstock, leaving a 1/16” border. Glue to the center of the green leaves paper. Mat the long edges of a 12”x2 ¼” strip of striped paper and glue across the page, ¾” from the bottom, leaving the top edge of the border open. Place a row of trees Dazzles™ border along the bottom edge of the border.
  2. Write on the horizontal Journaling Card and glue to the top left side of the page, extending off the edge slightly. Trim the edge of the card even with the page. Place a tall tree over the left edge of the card. Place 2 more trees on the right side of the page, slightly staggered. Place the “Into the wild” title between the trees.
  3. Mat a 4”x6” photo and two 2 ½”x4” photos with brown cardstock, leaving 1/8” borders. Tuck the large photo behind the striped border on the right side of the page. Repeat with the 2 smaller photos on the left side.
  4. Back the round compass and flashlight Dazzles™ with green tree paper. Foam tape the compass to the left edge of the large photo and the flashlight hanging from the left edge of a small photo.