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Camping page

By: LeNae Gerig

Camping page
By: LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Add cute details to metal Brad Buddies™ with permanent pens like Sharpies. You can also sand them with fine grain sand paper, which removed the top layer of paint and reveals more detail.



  1. Place the green leaves paper with the striped border on the right. Ink the edges of a 6 3/4” x 9 ½” plaid rectangle and glue flush with the left side of the page.
  2. Adhere the “Camping” Stacked Statement at the top of the page and secure the blue lantern Brad Buddie™ to hang from under the “G”. Add details to the lantern with the Sharpie™ pen.
  3. Mat two 4”x6” photos and one 2” square photo with brown patterned paper, leaving a 1/8” border and glue them, overlapping, across the center of the page as shown. Secure 2 bronze leaf brads to the edge of the 2” square photo.
  4. Use foam tape to secure a “This way” Patchem at the top right corner of the first photo, the “adventure” circle punch-out to the second photo and a squirrel Patchem at the bottom edge of the plaid paper. Assemble the “Adventure” punch-out with foam tape and glue to the right side of the page.