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Cardmaking 101: Shaped Cards

Want to add a special technique to your card making repertoire? Try shaped cards!

A shaped card is one where the blank card is cut into a shapethis could be anything from an ice-cream cone to the word "Joy". Shaped cards are guaranteed to delight the recipient, and they're easy to do!

Creating a shaped card from pre-created art
Paper Flair Shaped Card kits make it easy to create a shaped card. Simply glue the art onto the front of a blank card and trim around the outside edge. (This is much easier than cutting out the art, then gluing and cutting the card.)

scrapbook project
scrapbook project

Cutting tips
Cut along the edges of the shape, through the paper and both card layers. Remember not to cut completely around the fold of the cardjust cut up to the straight edge of your shape at the top and bottom, leaving the fold intact to hold the card together.

Use scissors to cut around the card, and use a pen knife for tight areas that are difficult with scissors.

Adding embellishments
If you know you'll be adding brads, you can insert them into the paper art before gluing and cutting. Or partially glue the paper to the card so it can be cut out, then lift the paper to add the brads. Be sure to flatten the brad legs completely to avoid lumps.

Covering the inside of your shaped card
To cover the inside, glue your paper to the inside with a straight edge next to the fold. Turn the card over and trim the excess around the card edges.

Sometimes it might be a little difficult to see the edges when trimming the white side of the paper from a white card. If so, use a pencil along the edge of the paper so you can easily see your cutting edge. Simply erase any remaining pencil marks when finished.

Creating a shaped card from a template
You can make your own shaped cards with the Easy Templates. Simply line up the part of the template you want to trace on your card front, trace and then cut away.

scrapbook project
scrapbook project
scrapbook project
scrapbook project

scrapbook project