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Cardmaking 101: Tips for Greetings & Messages

Whats a handmade card without a thoughtful message? Whether its to wish a happy birthday, send best wishes, congratulations or extend sympathy, your cards message is a key part of the design.

Where to Put Your Message
You can put your message in several places on your card. It can be the card focal, or a smaller accent on the card front—or you can leave it for the inside of the card. You can also split the greeting to begin on the card front, then continue on the inside: For example, putting "Best wishes..." on the outside of the card and " you!" on the inside.

Picking & Creating Your Message
When it comes to picking and creating your message, you have a couple of options:

Use stamps that are complete words and sentiments, or spell out your message with alphabet stamps.


Tip for lining up clear acrylic alphabet stamps: Place a sheet of lined paper on your work surface, then place your clear acrylic block on top and use the lines on the paper to guide you as youre arranging the letters on the block. Remember, youll need to spell backwards! Another option is to align your letter stamps directly on the paper, then press the acrylic block on top to pick them up.

Computer journal
You can type your message on the computer, then print it out onto regular paper, or onto colored or lightly-patterned paper. You can even print your message onto a tag or label. Heres how: Print out your message onto regular typing paper, then position the tag or smaller paper on top of the printed area to make sure it will fit on the paper. Tape the tag or paper onto your original print—just a piece at the top and one at the bottom will do. Place this paper into your printer the same way you removed it, then print again.


A CD packed with printable quotes, greetings and sentiments is a great resource for finding just the right words. With a CD, you can find a message for any occasion—from birthday to sympathy—and simply print it out onto any kind of paper. The messages are decorated on the Card Quotes CD, so you can then color them with chalk, colored pencils or even distress them with inks. On the Card Greetings & Sentiments CD the messages come both decorated with color or black & white so you can add your own color.

Card Greetings & Sentiments CD  

Dazzles™ words
Dazzles™ are metallic outline stickers, and a Dazzles™ greeting or sentiment makes an easy addition to your card. Dazzles™ Greetings have sentiments perfectly sized for cards, and the Scrapbooking Dazzles™ have larger words and messages that can become a card focal.