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Cardmaking 101: Using Embellishments

You can use just about any kind of embellishment on your card!

When placing your embellishments, it often helps to use the "Rule of Uneven Numbers". This rule states that using an odd number of embellishments (such as 1, 3, 5 or 7) is visually appealing and will give balance to your design. This might be one large Dazzles™ as the focal on a card, 3 brads along the edge of the card mat, or 5 small silk flowers as a border. The embellishments dont have to be exactly the same, either: You can use an uneven number of similar embellishments to add impactsimilar embellishments might be the same item but in a different color, material or size.

Some embellishments that are perfect for cards:

When you design your card, you might keep in mind whether you plan to mail it, or hand it to the recipient. Cards with bulky or heavy embellishments might require extra padding in the envelope, and can cost more to mail.