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Cardmaking Tips Friday

Cardmaking Tips Friday

Making cards? Then let our design teams secret tips inspire you!

Cheat sheet: Ok, Ill confess a secret that Ive kept to myself for a long time! I keep a little card layout cheat sheet nearby when Im making cards. Its a small sheet of paper with about 30 of my favorite basic card layout ideas that I have hand-sketched on it. Some are horizontal, some vertical, some square, or tag-shaped. Its really inspiringand funny, because its really an idea starterI usually dont end up using one of those exact layouts, but it inspires me to do something different, and never fails to give me a new idea! Susan

Make the most of scraps: When Ive completed a scrapbook page and have scraps left over, instead of putting them away (or trying to find a place to put them), I make a card. I can never have enough cards on hand because it never fails a birthday comes up or I need to send a thank you and I have to try to make a card quickly. This just gives me a reserve to choose from. Laura

Mail ems or hand ems? Before starting on a card, I decide if the design will be mailed (a mail em) or handed directly to the recipient (a hand em). If its being mailed by itself in an envelope, I know Ill need to resist the urge to use lots of lumpy embellishments. If Ill mail it in a package with other items, I have a little more freedom and if Im handing it overwell, then I can really have fun with the embellishments! Sara

Fixing mistakes: If I make a mistake on a project, such as having to move something Ive glued or foam taped in place, and it damages the paper, I can nearly always fix it without having to re-do the whole thing. I use an adhesive pick-up to remove adhesive (these can save the day!). I use chalk and or colored pencils to fill in small areas where the paper has been removedmany times 2 or 3 colors combined will allow me to match the paper perfectly, and you would never know there was a mistake! For a larger area, tear a piece of paper about the size of the area you wish to cover, glue in place, burnish the edges, then add colored pencil or chalk as needed. Susan

Flattening ribbon: I use a lot of ribbon on my cardsand sometimes I need to remove wrinkles or creases. Heres my trick: To quickly flatten a wrinkled ribbon, place the ribbon against the rod of a curling iron, clamp the iron and quickly pull the ribbon through. You can also run the ribbon against a hot lamp bulb a few times. Both methods will flatten those wrinkles right away! Sara