Class Descriptions: Heritage

by Sara Naumann

Title: Take Them Out of the Shoebox!
Are your priceless family photos shoved into a shoebox or dresser drawer? Wouldnt you love to turn those pictures into heirloom albums for future generations? Let Jane Doe show you a great solution. In this class, youll learn simple yet sophisticated techniques for creating pages that showcase your family heritage. Youll leave with a completed two-page layout.

Hook: Provide a free sample size of walnut ink

Would you like a new view on heritage? Youll be clearly creative with Narratives by Creative Imaginations. Jane will show you how to use these fabulous transparent products in new and unusual ways. At the end of class youll be informed and inspired with projects and ides for a mini book, tag book, page and gifts.

Title: Preserving Your Heritage
Are your ancestors in a box? Dust off those old photos now, and bring them in. Jane will show you unique, stylish and up-to-date ways to give those relatives the special treatment they deserve. Sign up now!

Hook: Chocolate on the table, tea and cookies, door prizes

Title: Brush the Dust Off!
Do you have a pile of old photos? Having trouble getting started? Brush the dust off your pile and let our fabulous team of top designers guide you through the steps of preserving your heritage and lead you to creative journaling. You will complete a 6"x6" gift album that can easily be replicated to share past memories with your family.

Hook: Card to be punched at each station on completion of the pages. Student will receive a surprise goody bag of heritage products to use on additional pages in the album. Teacher and helpers dressing up as maids to play on the dust theme.

Would you like to preserve your family tree? Wondering how to preserve memories of your family for your children? Let Jane, a CKU-T graduate with 10 years experience in archival preservation, help you create a memorable album using sepia and black and white photos with color enhancing tones and old-world embellishments. Her work can be seen in Reflections magazine as well as The Cream of the Crop idea book. You will take home a two-page layout of your family tree to grace your coffee table. Be sure to bring friends along with you!

Hook: Cappuccino and hot chocolate will be served with cake

Title: Capture Your Legacy
Did you inherit piles of old family photos? Would you like to display them in a way future generations will enjoy and appreciate? Let Jane lead you through her steps for organizing, preserving and showcasing your treasured heritage photos. Take home 2 projects and lots of layout ideas.

Hook: One free enhanced photo on the Kodak Picture Maker, a $6.49 value

Are your old family photos locked in the attic gathering dust? We can help you get them out of the box and into beautiful and simple heritage albums. Let Jane Doe, CKU-graduate, show you techniques such as paper tearing, photo corners and how to use colored paper to highlight older photos. You will complete 4 pages using these techniques with lots of other ideas.

Hook: Aromatic candles lit for ambiance, props like antique sled, sewing machine, etc. heritage candy, homemade cookies with recipe at every spot (packaged with ribbon and lace)

Title: Climbing Your Family Tree
Do you have boxes and boxes of old family photos and havent a clue what to do with them? Do you want to preserve these photos for future generations? If the answer is yes, then this class is for you. Let Jane show you an easy way to jumpstart your heritage albums. Shell give you tips on climbing your family tree as well as placing dates on some of those mystery photos. You will complete two layouts in this class, one utilizing black and white photos as well as one in sepia tones. Level: All.

Hook: In one of my class kits, I put something different in it (red cardstock, sticker or something like that). Only one kit has it. The student who has that special item wins a door prize. I make the door prize a project thats made from the same materials as the class project, but applied to a totally different item. If the class project is a layout, I might make a card, tag or party favor as the giveaway project. People are excited about getting a prize and they start looking at different ways to use the same product.

Title: Hidden Treasures
Do you have boxes of old family photo? Would you like to create a special gift for future generations? Jane has the perfect class for you! Using techniques such as crumpling, tearing and inking, Jane will lead you through the steps to make a fabulous mini album that fits the feel of your heirloom photos. Spots in this popular class will go quickly!

Hook: I will provide nametags with a special charm that attaches for each class they take with me. When they come to class, the gal with the most charms will be the Scrappin Queen for the day. She will get to sit in the best spot, choose items first, etc.

Title: Way Back When
Are your ancestors collecting dust? Let Jane help you dust them off and help you organize and prepare to create an album your family will treasure for years to come. Youll be motivated and ready to create a beautiful 2-page layout.

Title: Aged to Perfection
Is your family heritage recorded in your scrapbooks? Let Jane help you get those old photos out of the box and preserved now. Complete a 2-page layout using the latest distressing techniques.

Enjoywell see you at the next CKU!