Class Descriptions: Scrapbooking 101

by Sara Naumann

Title: Take the Plunge

Description: Have you ever wondered what scrapbooking is all about? Do you want to remember the details about your lifes daily events? Let Jane, recent CKU-T graduate, introduce you to t the basics of scrpabooking. Youll leave with 2 projects and lots of ideas to build on!

Hook: water bottle with store logo

Do you have boxes of photos in your closet that have been there for years? We have a way for you to preserve those memories and free-up that closet space! In this class well teach you the basic skills youll need to create your first scrapbook. All beginners (as well as experienced scrappers) will learn about scrapbooking tools, basic layout elements, photo matting and archival storage of your memories. You will complete one project to take home and youll learn enough to feel confident to continue your scrapbook at home.

Hook: Beginners Club on nametag

Are your precious memories sitting in a box gathering dust? Do you need to give your photos a voice before the stories are forgotten? If so, youre not alone! Let Jane, who has taught hundreds of people just like you. How to organize and preserve your photos, tell your stories and share your memories. And what class is complete without munchies? Your mouth will be salivating when you see our Memory Bug Munchie Cookies! Well have the recipe available because we know youll want it! Sign up now!

Hook: Cookies plus recipe

Are you new to scrapbooking? Do you have photos and family memories to preserve? Then this is the class for you! Come join other students interested in learning more about this exciting and enjoyable craft. Let Jane, design team member of (store), introduce you to the basics of scrapbooking, including tools, paper and layout styles. These building blocks will be the foundation for preserving your memories.

Hook: Card with building blocks on it. With each class the student takes, it gets punched. When she reaches the top block, she gets a reward.

We all have things in our lives we know we need to do. Isnt preserving lifes moments somewhere on that list? Join Jane as she guides you on the path towards mastering the tools, terms and triumphs of scrapbooking. Bring 6-8 photos of a single event and well take case of the rest. Youll complete a 2-page layout in this stimulating and informative class.

Are your memories lost in a pile of photos? Let Jane help you dig deep and organize your photos into an exciting, unique and safe environment. Learn the tricks of the trade at one of the fastest growing hobbies.

Hook: Bring a friend and receive 15% off all purchases.

Title: Its Never Too Late to StartScrapbooking!
Do you have piles of pictures taking over your house? Not sure what to do with them? Scrapbook Store Name will come to your rescue with Jane Doe. Let her help you develop the beginning steps toward the scrapbooking way of life. Youll learn how to arrange your photos and display them in layouts that can be classy, fun and easy to achieve.

Hook: Complete the Beginners Series and receive the first of your intermediate classes for free.

Title: Fresh & Easy: 5 Cards, 5 Techniques
Are you a hungry beginner and want to learn new, easy and exciting techniques? This is the class for you. Let our designer Jane help you create 5 cards using 5 techniques, ready to mail to friends and family for the holiday season.

Enjoywell see you at the next CKU!