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Color ME Copper™ Family Scrapbook Page

Creative Spark - Color ME Copper™ Family Scrapbook Page
Creative Spark
Teresa Welch
Designer Tip: " Coloring the background swipe the upper right area with the toffee ink pad and the lower left area with the brown ink pad, then using makeup sponges to blend the colors where they overlap."
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Color ME Copper™ Family Scrapbook Page
By Teresa Welch

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  1. Beginning in the upper right corner on the Color Me™ paper, swipe the toffee ink pad over the paper, inking 7" in from the corner. Switch to dark brown to ink the rest of the paper, avoiding the clocks and butterfly. Apply toffee ink with the makeup sponge where it blends into the brown, softening the transition in color. Use the pens to color the clock mahogany, shading with natural oak and highlighting with melon yellow. Color the butterfly with marigold, lemon yellow, jade green, and turquoise blue.
  2. Cut out the border and medallion from the Color Me™ tags paper. Use the pens to color the border, beginning with the darker color on the right end and ending with the lightest color on the left end. Use mahogany, brown gray, and pale cream. Mat on brown cardstock with 1/16" borders, then glue across the paper, 3/4" from the top. Color the medallion turquoise blue, lemon yellow, and marigold, then mat on brown cardstock with a 1/32" border. Foam tape as shown.
  3. Cut a photo to 4"x4 1/2" and one to 3 3/4"x6". Mat the smaller photo on black cardstock with 1/16" borders, then on brown cardstock with 1/8" borders. Mat the larger photo on brown cardstock with 1/16" borders. Place four of the larger frame Dazzles™ on tan cardstock and cut around the edges. Place frames under two corners of each photo and glue as shown. Place another large frame Dazzle™ on tan and one on brown cardstock and cut around the edges. Glue to the upper empty area, overlapped as shown. Follow the package directions to assemble the butterfly papier tole piece, but stamp “happy” in brown on the blank tab before attaching it. Use foam tape between the layers. Glue to the page as shown.
  4. Computer journal to fit the copper Dazzles™ frame, then place the frame on it and cut around the edges. Repeat for the two smaller frames that contain the years. Foam tape and glue as shown. Place corner Dazzles™ on the photos and glue the extra butterfly art as shown. Place the lock, key, and keyhole Dazzles™ on tan paper, cut around the edges, and glue as shown. Place the hinge Dazzles™ on the border ends, then place the pearls as shown.


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