Creative Christmas Card


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Creative Christmas Card
Designer: Susan Cobb

Make your holiday cards stand out among the rest with Susans unique stamped, flocked design!.

Joy to the World!
By Susan Cobb

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Susan added tons of texture to this creative card with easy-to-use Fun Flock! She used a special glue pad to stamp stylish swirls and Christmas-themed sentiments throughout the card, sprinkling red and green Fun Flock over the wet glue to give it a fun, fuzzy texture.


For the Card Front:

  1. Place the card with the fold at the top. Add three gold mini brads across the top left edge of a 1"-wide strip of green patterned paper, then glue the strip even with the card fold. Tip: To make sure the paper lays flat, be sure to completely flatten the brad legs by pressing firmly on the brad head. Cover the card front with red diamonds paper, leaving 5/8" of the green strip visible across the top. Glue a 2 1/4"-wide strip of dark green textured paper across the diamonds paper.
  2. Using the glue pad, stamp a large swirl over light green textured paper. Sprinkle red Fun Flock over the wet glue and tap off the excess; let dry. Cut the paper to 6 1/8"x2" with the swirl centered, then attach an ivory silk flower with a gold brad in the center. Glue the swirl centered on the dark green strip on the card front. Zot a bow of green grosgrain ribbon over the top right edge of the swirled paper piece.
  3. Stamp Joy to the world! in glue in the bottom right corner of the card front. Sprinkle green Fun Flock over the wet glue; let dry.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Wrap green ribbon around the left side of a 2 1/4"-wide strip of red diamonds paper, taping the tails to the back side. Attach an ivory silk flower over the strip with a gold mini brad.
  2. Stamp spreading joy & cheer in glue to the right of the ribbon. Sprinkle green Fun Flock over the wet glue; let dry. Glue the strip across the center of the card inside.