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Design Inspiration

Ann Bernklau

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Design Inspiration
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer’s Tip: The hanger-shaped paper clips are so adorable, and they actually work, too! The chipboard buttons were easy to cover with paper, and string with narrow ribbonso cute! I also like the technique of placing your Dazzles on patterned paper and trimming just outside the edge to get a matted look.



  1. Place the card fold at the top. Cut the card down to fit the note width, 6”x5”. Glue a 6” x1” piece of black/yellow paper to the bottom edge. Cover the remaining card with gray dot paper.
  2. Start with the striped paper as your background, with the stripes horizontal. Mat two 6x4 photos on pink floral, leaving a 1/8 border. Ink edges Toffee. Mat again on green pattern, leaving a 1/4 border, and ink edges. Mat a 6x4 photo on green pattern with a 1/8 border and ink edges. Mat on pink floral with a 1/4 border and ink edges.
  3. Glue a green-framed photo 1/4 from the left and 1 from the bottom. Glue the pink-framed photo 3/8 from the right and 3 from the top. Glue the third photo 1 from the top and 2 from the left.
  4. Print your journaling on 4 1/8x2 1/8 of white cardstock and mat on pink with a 1/8 border. Ink edges. Clip a metal hanger on the top center and glue to page 1/4 from the left and 1 from the top. Print another caption on 4x1 1/2 of white cardstock and mat on green pattern with a 1/8 border. Ink edges, clip a hanger on the top right, and glue 5/8 from the right and 2 1/4 from the bottom.
  5. Print 3 large title words on green pattern paper and trim around each. Back with strips of pink floral. Glue two words in the top right corner and glue the third word 1 1/2 from the right and 3/4 from the bottom. Zot a hanger just above the word.
  6. Place a large square chipboard button face down on the back of yellow floral paper and cut around. Punch the holes with a 1/8 hole punch and ink edges Toffee. Repeat this process with 8 more buttons, making a variety of shapes and colors. Wrap the end of narrow pink ribbon with tape, making a stiff needle Weave the ribbon in and out of the holes of 4 buttons, making a garland of buttons. Zot the ends to the backs of the buttons. Zot the buttons along the top of the top photo, to the right of the journaling. Make another button garland with the remaining 5 buttons and Zot along the bottom of the bottom photo as shown.