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Don’t Count Your Years Card

LeNae Gerig

Don’t Count Your Years Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Create a mixed media card with a collection of pearls, gold Dazzles™ and flowers. The Artful Watercolor papers make it so easy to get this look.



  1. Place the card fold on the top and cover with Artful Affirmations green paper. Cut 6”x4 5/8” border paper with the border on the top, ink edges and glue to the card front.
  2. Cut a postcard image from the rectangle images paper. Ink edges and glue at an angle on the left side of the card. Ink edges of 6 ½”x7/8” stripe paper and glue across the card, ½” from the bottom. Place a length of Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ border across the bottom edge of the striped border. Ink the card edges.
  3. Place an Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ “Don’t Count Your Years” greeting on the top right corner. Place the Swirl Girls Pearls across the card, near the bottom as shown. Zot™ a cluster of teal and purple flowers on the bottom right corner. Use a length of purple Jute Twine to make a loopy bow and Zot™ to the top left corner on the border edge. Zot™ a purple flower to the center. Back a large Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ butterfly with Artful Watercolor pink paper and Zot™ to the card among the pearls. Place foam tape under the wings and place 2 small butterfly Dazzles™ on the postcard as shown.
  4. Inside: Ink edges of 3 ¼”x2 ½” Artful Watercolor pink paper and glue to the card center, ½” from the top. Place Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ “Make Your Years Count” on the center. Ink edges of 6 ½”x1 3/8” stripe paper and glue across the rectangle, 3/8” from the bottom edge. Place Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ swirl leaves, tiny flower and butterfly on the bottom right corner. Zot™ purple flowers as shown.