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Dream Cloud Wrap Card cd

LeNae Gerig

Dream Cloud Wrap Card cd
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Use a small piece of Ultra Clear Tape to keep the curved card flaps in place.



  1. Punch out the main card from the blue dot sheet. Carefully remove the scalloped image and the message tag from the card center. Fold the scalloped sections of the card base along the score lines.
  2. Foam tape the scalloped image to the background of the card, lining up he edge with the left side of the card. Foam tape the message topper even with the right edge of the card so that it is within the scalloped flap.
  3. Shape the scalloped edgings to curve and tape the bottom scalloped edging tab to the back right card edge and the top scallop edging tab under the left edge of the foam taped tag.
  4. Shape the cloud greeting die-cut and foam tape to the bottom of the card and tape another to the card back. Foam tape star circle die-cuts to the card front and back.