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Embossed Metal Earrings

Plum embossed metal earrings (square)
Designer: Susan Cobb

Designer Tip: I used a portion of the scrolled patterned side near the corner of the Big Daddy mold to create the geometric look for these square earrings. For the second earring, I used the opposite corner on the mold to get an approximate "mirror image" of the motif.

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  1. Place a small piece of tracing paper over the top of one earring and use the side of your pencil tip to create an etching of the square shape. Cut out the square just inside your pencil line.
  2. Cut a piece of plum metal, about 1 1/4" square. Place the metal with the plum side up over the geometric pattern near a corner of the mold and use the paper stump to create the initial impression. Refine the embossed pattern with the refining ends of the tools. Sand lightly with the sanding block.
  3. Place your pattern over the embossed metal, trace around the outside edges and cut out the metal shape. Or hold the pattern in place over the metal, while you cut out the shape around it. Repeat for the second earring.
  4. Attach a piece of adhesive inside each earring, then place an embossed metal piece inside each. Add a small amount of Diamond Glaze to each and let dry.