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Fancy a cuppa TEA

Susan Cobb

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Fancy a cuppa TEA
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Designer Tip: Here I used two colors of Smooch ink and water to create marbled cardstock, using a second blank white card. This marbling technique is easy to do, no fancy equipment needed, and with unique results each time! When marbling a card, the water will cause the cardstock to curl a bit. Drying it quickly with a heat tool, then letting it dry between plastic under something heavy such as a book, will result in a flat piece. You could also create a similar card using the word “coffee” instead of “tea”, and the coffee mug image instead of the tea cup image.



  1. Marbling: Pour 1” of water in the small tray. Dip the brush from the green apple Smooch into the water until much of the surface is covered with ink, twirling the brush gently a few times (the color will be a bit subtle—look to the side to see it on the water). Dip the brush from the Sugar Berry Smooch into clear areas on the surface of the water, twirling once or twice, until the surface is covered with ink and the colors are marbling.
  2. Open the blank card and hold onto the back of the card (it will be straight up) with the front of the card parallel to the surface of the inked water in the tray. Place the card front face down on the surface of the water and gently push against the surface (it’s fine to gently push below the surface if needed to make sure the entire surface of the card front is covered with ink). Carefully remove the card and dry thoroughly using the heat tool.
  3. Some light weight cards and cardstock will curl a bit from the water. Place the piece between plastic and weight it down under something heavy (such a books) and allow to finish drying. By marbling the card, you have removed most of the ink from the surface of the water. So, if you would like to repeat the process, add more ink (with the same colors) to marble another card (if you want to use a different color palette, empty the water and start fresh).
  4. To create the card: With the card fold at the left, cover the card front with lavender floral paper with green border at the bottom. Ink edges with black ink. Stamp swirls at the bottom corners, and “TEA” on the center of the green faux ribbon border with black ink.
  5. Trim a 2 1/8” square from the marbled card and round the corners slightly with scissors. Stamp the tea cup centered near the bottom of the marbled square with black ink. Mat on purple textured paper leaving a ¼” border, ink the edges, then mat on green/lavender striped paper leaving a ¼” border. Glue centered to a 3 1/8” x 3” marbled rectangle, ink the edges, then mat on purple, leaving a 1/8” border. Ink the edges and glue centered to the card front, 5/8” from the top. Stamp “Fancy a cuppa” between the matted tea cup image and “TEA”. Add crystals and ribbon as shown.
  6. Inside the card: Glue a 5” x 1” inked striped paper strip across the inside. Stamp the swirl image at the left side of the strip using black ink. Computer print words centered on a 2 ¾” marbled square, or write by hand using the black pen, leaving 1” of space vertically between the words. Stamp the tea bag image in the extra space. Round the corners with scissors. Mat on purple, leaving a ¼” border. Ink edges and glue overlapping the right side of the striped paper on the inside. Add ribbon and crystal.