Friend to Friend Card

Gail Booth

Friend to Friend Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: When using the VersaMark pen, do small areas at a time and dust with embossing powder right away, because the VersaMark pen dries quickly.



  1. Card Front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with Happy Days red dot paper.
  2. Place the Heart & Ribbon Corner stencil on the corner of a 4 1/2" square of yellow cardstock. Trace the stencil cut out areas and the rounded outside corner with a pencil. Remove stencil and repeat process on the opposite corner.
  3. Use the VersaMark pen to trace the thin lines and dots. Cover with black embossing powder and heat to melt. Emboss the leaves and flourish with silver, the heart and two flowers with white, and the remaining flowers with gold.
  4. Highlight the black lines with the VersaMark pen again, dust with white and re-emboss. Outline the heart and re-emboss with silver.
  5. Ink the edges of a 2 3/4" square of Happy Days green circle paper and center on the stenciled cardstock. Ink the edges, mat on yellow dot with a 1/4" border and cut in half corner to corner, separating the stenciled corners. Use the VersaMark pad to stamp "Friend to Friend" and "Heart to Heart" on the green papers. Emboss in black.
  6. Foam tape the stenciled pieces to the top and bottom edges of your card, as shown, trimming along the edges. Ink the edges. Place two 5" lengths of ribbon 1/4" from the top and bottom edges. Zot a small bow to the card center. Use stencil to trace, VersaMark and emboss a small heart in black, then outline and re-emboss in silver. Cut out and Zot onto the bow.
  7. For the inside: Stamp and emboss "You are so Loved" in black on a 5"x3/4" yellow cardstock. Use the stencil to trace, mark and emboss the flourish and dots on both side of the text, in white. Highlight the flourishes and re-emboss with gold. Ink the edges of the cardstock, mat on Happy Days red dot then on Happy Days green circle paper with 1/4" borders above and below. Place 1 1/2" from top edge and Zot a small bow as shown.