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Giant Star Card

Giant Star Card
   Layouts With Pizazz

Giant Star Card
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Use a pencil to trace the star outline onto the back side of the green dot paper and cut out. Pre-fold the star points, according to the template instructions.
  2. Erase any pencil lines from the inside of the card. Tap the cotton swab onto the inkpad, then use the inked swab to apply color to the outside edges of the card. This will make the points stand out when layered against themselves.
  3. Use the template’s inner fold lines to cut a piece of pink floral border, making sure to include a portion of the floral border.
  4. Trace the mini star template onto the back side of the pink floral border paper and cut out. Erase the pencil lines and ink the edges brown with the cotton swab. Fold according to the template instructions. Punch or cut a hole in the center of the star. Secure the mini star to the center of the large pink floral border insert using a green flower brad. Attach the brad loosely, as the star points will need room to tuck underneath the smaller star. Glue the insert to the inside center of the star card.
  5. Tag: Cut out a small pink tag from the Floral Backgrounds tag sheet. Ink the edges brown with the cotton swab. Stamp or write a sentiment at the bottom. Secure a small green flower to the tag with a green mini brad. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and hang from the card center with embroidery floss.
Giant Star Card Template
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LeNaes Tip:
Want a coordinating look for the inside of your card? Use the template’s inner fold lines as a guide to cut a piece of coordinating paper. Glue it on the inside of the card with a stamped message to create a super-sophisticated look.

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