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LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: When mixing patterned papers, layer heavily patterned papers on less patterned papers to make colors really pop!



  1. Background: For the left page: Ink the long edges of 12”x5” Big Dots paper and glue 1 3/4” from the top of the Black Bursts paper. Glue the circle border Die-Cut across the top of the page. For the right page: Glue a 4”x12” Big Dots paper 2 1/2” from the right edge of the Black Bursts paper. Cut Striped and Dark Pink Dot paper into 2”wide strips 11 1/4”-10” long. Cut a “v” into one end and ink edges. Glue, overlapping to the left of the Big Dots border. Glue the circle border Die-Cut to the left side of the page.
  2. Photos: For the left page: Mat 6”x4” and 3 1/2”x 5 1/4” photos with black cardstock, leaving 1/8” borders. Mat the smaller photo with dark pink dot paper, with 1/16” inked edges. Glue to the center of the Big Dots border, overlapping as shown. For the right page: Mat a 6”x4” photo with black cardstock, leaving a 1/4” border and mat with pink dot, leaving a 1/4” border. Glue 2 1/4” from the left and 1 3/4” from the top. Mat 3”x4 1/2” photo with black cardstock, leaving 1/8” border and a 1/8” wide dark pink mat. Glue to the bottom left corner of larger photo.
  3. Banner: For the left page: Knot the ends of a 12” length of twine and Zot the knots to the bottom edge of the Big Dot Border, 1/4” from the page sides. Use the template to cut flag and banner shapes from the following papers: dark pink dot, pink dot, stripe and orange tile. Ink the edges and fold the banner shapes around the twine, glue together and foam tape in place. Foam tape the flags to hang from the twine. Glue Die-Cut tiny butterflies and circles to 4 of the banner pieces.
  4. Journaling: For the left page: Write or print onto the small orange/pink tag and Zot a twine bow to the top. Glue to the right edge of the photo on the right. Foam tape a large butterfly to the left photo. For the right page: Write or print on the large orange/black rectangle glue below the large photo. Foam tape a tiny pink butterfly to the rectangle and a large butterfly to the top of the large photo.