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LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the VIP Special - Graduation or you can order them separately.

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Use glitter to customize your page to the schools colors.



  1. Cut the border from the ivory paper to 3 1/2 x12 and glue to the left side of the striped paper, 1 1/4 from the edge. Cut two white photo mats to 4 1/8x6 1/8 and before gluing the photos to the mats, use the surface of the glue pad to apply glue 1/8 in from the edge of the photo mat. Sprinkle the mats with orange glitter. Glue the photos to the mats and then glue the mats to the page as shown.
  2. Print text onto the craft paper cardstock. Trace around the text using the Bracket Labels, leaving space at the top of the label for the Thicker letters. Ink the edges of the label. Apply orange glitter to the DIYThicker letters and place on the label. Glue the label overlapping the border under the photo.
  3. Trace the Vintage Sign label onto craft paper and ink the edges black. Use glue pad to apply glue to the bow brad and the top of the tassel on the mortarboard Brad Buddies. Secure the diploma to the label using the bow and secure the mortarboard to the right. Foam tape the label to the top right side of the page.