Happy Birthday Card

Cardmaking is hot. Youre seeing signs of it everywhere, with increasing magazine coveragePaperCrafts, PaperWorks and Paper Creations, to name a few. You might have noticed that more and more manufacturers are offering cardmaking product lines. Yet as a scrapbook retailer and teacher, you might be asking yourself: How can I sell cardmaking to my customers?

Of course, classes on cardmaking will promote the craft and your product lines. Here, we showcase a beautiful birthday-themed card thats perfect for a future cardmaking class.

Teaching Techniques:
Covering the Card Front
Covering the card front with paper is one of the best cardmaking techniques we knowheres our designer shortcut.

Supply Listing:

Teacher Supply Instructions:
How do you charge for the supplies? We have a tried-and-true way to make money from your class and guarantee sales. The Icy Rainbow Creative Pack collection retails for $9.99 per pack and contains all the papers you need to create this card. For our own classes, we suggest you break apart a single Creative Pack, giving each student a selection of different papers. (This is what we did at consumer scrapbooking conventionsand each student loved creating something different from the person sitting next to her.) In this case, you could also break up a package of the Antique & Pewter Mini Clips, as each pack contains 12 clips.

We suggest you build the retail cost of the other items into the cost of your class so you have a guaranteed product sale, your customer walks away with more product and you dont have to compile class kits. Note: when building the cost of the product into the cost of the class, be sure to let students know whats included in that fee. Retail costs are:

  • Icy Rainbow Ribbons: $4.99 (contains 36 of 12 different ribbons)
  • Metallic Birthday Embossed Focals $2.99 (contains 2 sheets, one gold and one pewter)
  • Antique & Pewter Mini Clips $2.49 (contains 6 antique mini clips, 6 pewter)

You can choose to break up as many packages for class product as you wish, based on the number of students in your class. It also depends on how much your students will pay for a class. Remember, when you buy at least three of each item and you automatically get a retail discount of 50%.


  1. Make a 4x8 card out of cardstock by folding an 8 square in half.
  2. Position the card with the fold at the top. Cover the card front in blue mesh paper.
  3. Cut a 7 1/2x3 1/2 piece of blue words paper and mat in on pearl glimmer paper. Wrap four
  4. Mat the embossed focals on glimmer paper and add a clip as shown. Attach them over the ribbons with foam tape.

Card project reprinted from Cardmakers Idea Book.