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Happy Birthday Treat Tote

Teresa Welch

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Happy Birthday Treat Tote
By Teresa Welch

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Designer's Tip: This tiny tote can be made to close with a tab, as with this version, or to stand open, as with the Get Well Treat Tote. To allow this tote to close a bit easier, I scored the side sections about ½" before gluing and taping the tote together. The sides will fold inward when the tote is closed and secured. Fill it with goodies, a gift card, or supplies for a special event and use as a small gift. The totes are easy to make and can be used for many different occasions!



  1. For the tote: Use the pattern and cut the tote from purple cardstock. Score on the dashed lines, then fold all the vertical and horizontal scores inward. To fold the angled scores, bring one tote side up on the long score and tuck the angled score inward, creasing it. Repeat on all the angled scores. Fold the ends in on the score lines to create a box shape that opens up when the front and back are brought together and flattens when they’re opened.
  2. Fold the ends inward and tape along the upper edges to secure the shape. Cut 4⅜"x3⅛" Fancy Feathers teal swirls paper and glue one to the front panel and one to the back panel. Cut two 4½"x2" teal cardstock strips and score the center lengthwise. Cut four 4⅜"x⅞" Fancy Feathers pink/teal feathers papers and glue one centered on each teal cardstock panel.
  3. Fold the teal cardstock pieces on the score lines, then wrap one over the upper front edge and secure both sides with tape. Repeat with the second strip on the back upper edge. Cut two 8"x½" purple cardstock strips and use tape to attach as handles on the tote as shown.
  4. Place one Purple Jewel Border Dazzles™ on the front and one on the back, both below the teal cardstock edges. Use the template to trace and cut a “Squared C” tag from Fancy Feathers pink textured paper. Place “Happy Birthday” on it, then mat on purple cardstock with 1/16" borders. Glue to the front at the lower left, then tie a thread bow and glue to the tag.
  5. Cut a 1" ribbon and set aside. Use the remainder to make a bow, then wrap the center with the 1" piece, using tape to secure the ends to the back of the bow. Tape the bow to the front at the left handle base. Use the template to cut “Bracket Label A” from purple cardstock and ink the edges. Score it crosswise, ⅞" and 1" from the left end, then crease both scores in valley folds. Attach the short section of the oval to the tote back with tape, centered between the handles, so the long section wraps to the front.
  6. Place a Velcro® dot centered on the back of the label flap. Attach the dot’s mate to it, then carefully fold the oval end to the front, allowing the sticky surface to attach to the tote front. Thread the blue button with purple thread, then use tape to attach it to the flap.