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Happy Mother's Day Card

Teresa Welch

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Happy Mother's Day Card
By Teresa Welch

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  1. For the card: Cut 12"x6" purple cardstock and turn horizontally. Starting at the left end, score it vertically at 41⁄2", 9", 10 1⁄4", and 11 1⁄2". Crease the 10 1⁄4" score in a valley fold and the remaining scores in mountain folds. Use Ultra Tape to secure the 1⁄2" flap to the inside of the opposite edge, aligning the fold with the cardstock edge. Flatten and turn over.
  2. For the front: Cut 5 3⁄4"x41⁄4" Gypsy Jewels blue paper. Cut 4 3⁄4"x2 1⁄2" Gypsy Jewels purple paper and mat on blue cardstock with 1⁄16" borders, then glue to the blue paper, 1⁄2" from the top. Wrap ribbon vertically, 11⁄8" from the left end, and glue the ends to the back. Glue the paper centered on the front.
  3. Cut 5 3⁄4"x11⁄4" Gypsy Jewels purple striped paper and mat the upper long edge on purple cardstock with a 1⁄16" border. Die cut an eyelet edge, then trim to 5 3⁄4"x 1" and glue as a mat along the lower edge of the strip. Glue the strip 3⁄8" from the bottom. Trace and cut the Squared Oval from the Design Tool Kit #1. Place the Mother’s Day Dazzles™. Back the butterfly Dazzles™ on a papier tole leaf. Cut close to the edge. Foam tape the flower and butterfly on the label as shown. Glue the tag to the right corner. Glue rhinestones as shown.
  4. Remove the pink/yellow flower Papier Tole pieces and follow the package directions to assemble with foam tape between the layers. Glue to the front over the ribbon and border. Tie a bow and glue to extend from under the flowers at the lower left. Remove a 5⁄8" extra art flower and foam tape to the greeting bottom. Place rhinestones as shown.