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Have a Berry good day! Box

Have a "Berry" good day! Box
By Kristen Normand

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  1. Glue the strawberries and barnwood papers back to back with a glue stick. Place the Berry Box Template on the barnwood side of the double-sided paper, and trace the Box pattern. Be sure to trace the fold lines and dots for brad placement, but do not include the slits in the sides. Cut out the box. With double papers, it works best to score the fold lines and punch the brad placement holes (or poke a hole with an X-acto knife). Fold the sides up and the top edges down.
  2. Cut 3/8" wide strips of green suede paper. Glue them on the folded top edges. Trim any excess suede paper. Punch the brad placement holes again, through the suede paper. Fold the tabs and insert mini brads through the neighboring side aligning the punched holes
  3. Glue two 1" wide strips of red/hollow dots papers back to back. Trace the handle and cut out. Punch the brad holes then insert brads through the handle and the two box sides.
  4. Trace the tag on a folded red/hollow dots paper (align the fold on the top of the berry leaving the tab off). Trace the tag topper on the green suede. Cut them out and glue together. Journal inside then poke a hole in the top and insert a brad through the tag and handle.