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Hello card

LeNae Gerig

Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4060845

Hello card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: After applying Spackle, remove the template while still wet. Wash Spackle from the template immediately. After spraying the butterflies with Smooch Spritz, wipe the excess spray off with a paper towel to reveal the Spackle details.



  1. Place the card fold on the side and cover the card with blue border paper with the border on the right edge. Glue a 1/2"x6 1/2" strip of pink dot paper 1/2" to the right of the fold. Place the "Hello" Dazzles( to the top left.
  2. Place the template over the cardstock. Use a scrap of cardstock, folded in half, to apply Artist Spackle over the surface of the template, smoothing out and covering all of the flowers. Remove the template while the Spackle is still wet. Let the Spackle dry and clean the template.
  3. Protect your work surface with newspaper. Mist the butterfly images with one color of mist each. Let dry.
  4. Place small and medium Jewel Dazzles( on the raised Spackle details. Place more Dazzles( on the border of flowers and butterfly on the paper.
  5. Place a glue dot on the back of the butterfly body and a small strip of foam tape on each wing. Place on the card with the wings slightly lifted.