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Holly Gift Card Holder

LeNae Gerig

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Holly Gift Card Holder
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: After gluing the paper to the envelope, while the glue is still wet, fold the flaps to insure that the paper will not slip and leave a white edge. After folding, trim the paper even with the envelope edges.



  1. Apply glue stick to the back and long side flaps on the envelope. Place on the back of the blue snowflake paper. Fold the flaps to crease the paper and then cut out around the envelope edges. Cover the end flaps with striped paper.
  2. Adhere a length of silver border along the edge of the striped flap. Tie a lime green grosgrain ribbon around the other striped flap as a closure.
  3. Print the gift label information on the white cardstock. Cut to a 3” rectangle then cut off the corners to create a label and ink the edges. Mat the label with red cardstock, leaving a 1/16” wide border. Place a length of Dazzles™ border below the name. Glue the label to the back of the envelope.
  4. Line the holly leaves Dazzles™ with green snowflake paper and the berries with red dot paper. Glue a cluster of berries to the edge of the striped flap and on the ends of the address label.