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Designer Tip: Color chipboard pieces using the surface of the inkpad. Instead of threading buttons with tiny holes with ribbon, try knotting the ribbon and gluing the knot over the holes.



  1. Ink the long edges of a 12x 2 3/4 strip of brown patterned paper and glue 1 from the bottom of the striped background paper.
  2. Place chipboard houses and hearts on scrap paper and color with the surface of the inkpads, Maroon for hearts and blue for houses. Let dry and glue in pattern shown across the brown border with 2 black buttons.
  3. Mat two 4x6 photos with black cardstock, leaving 1/8 wide borders and glue to extend from behind the brown border. Mat a 21/2 x3 photo with black cardstock and foam tape overlapping the top of the first 2 photos. Secure black clothespins at the top of the small photo, placing a small amount of glue behind each pin to secure to paper. Glue a length of filmstrip ribbon across the bottom of the right photo and a 4 panel strip across the top corner of the left photo. Place alphabet stickers on each panel.
  4. Glue a 6 length of bakers twine across the top right corner of the page. Glue tiny bows to each end. Glue photos over the flag banners and trim to fit. Mat the flag banners on black cardstock, leaving a 1/16 border. Color 2 banners Maroon and 2 banners blue. Let dry and glue flag banners and banners across the twine as shown.