Hot Off The Press Designer: Katie Hacker

About Katie:

Katie Hacker is a talented freelance designer whose design style is creative, inspiring and on-trend. She enjoys sharing her talents with other people and regularly writes instructional books and magazine articles on a variety of crafting topics, but her true specialty is beading. In all, Katie has had more than fifteen books published with Hot Off The Press on topics from teen/tween decorating to soap making. Her latest book is Beading 101, which focuses on concepts like beading patterns, mixing colors and combining textures. Katie lives in Indiana with her husband Craig and their cat Betty.

Q & A with Katie:

What gives you creative inspiration?
Im inspired by beautiful things. Being outside, traveling, spending quality time with friends and family, and browsing through shops and catalogs all inspire me. I keep a lot of supplies and surfaces in my studio and sometimes just playing around with them brings an idea to mind. I am often inspired by a particular color. When I need a creative jumpstart, one of the first things I do is flip through the pages of my idea notebook.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in terms of your work?
I think that my greatest professional accomplishment is that I am able to make a living doing creative work that I love. Im also proud of the volume of work that Ive had published. Its pretty thrilling to know so many people are using something Ive published to motivate their own creativity.

Whats your favorite part of your job?
There are lots of things that I love about my job! Its such a gift to be able to do creative work. The best part is seeing my ideas get out there in the world and knowing that they are inspiring other people.

What excites you about the future of the crafting industry?
The future of the craft industry depends on innovation and inspiration. Its exciting that, at each trade show, there are lots of new products and new ways to use existing products. I think that the success of the industry has always been based on getting those products into peoples hands and showing people that crafts can be a very powerful and fun way to express yourself, have a creative outlet and connect to other people. Its exciting to be a part of that.

How did you feel the first time you saw your work published? After several years, is it still exciting?
When I received the printed copy of my first book, Its Knot Hard Hemp Jewelry which I co-authored with Marty Hite, I was just so thrilled. The photography looked great, the layouts were nicely done and the cover was awesome. I felt really, really proud. I still get excited when I see my designs in print. Its one of the best parts of doing this kind of work.

Katies 5 favorite beading products:

Silver-plated Beadalon wire
Swarovski Crystal sliders & components
Silver-plated steel chain
Dichroic glass beads
Chandelier earring findings

Katies favorite project published by HOTP:
My favorite new project is the Lovely Leaves Necklace from 30-Minute Beading. I love the little silver leaves! They add a lot of texture to the design, which I think makes it look more complicated than it really is. You just string the leaves like regular beads. Plus, you could dress this necklace up or down. Pair it with hoop earrings and youre out the door in half an hour!