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How To Use The Library Card Holders and Mini File Folders Templates

Lattice Folds are an easy way to add elegance. Theyre ideal for cards, scrapbooking and paper crafting.

To use the template, first select your pattern. Then position the right edge of the pattern along the edge of your paper. With a pencil, lightly draw along each solid line. Remove the template. Cut along the drawn lines only. Use the dashed lines on the template as a guide to fold each lattice piece.

This template works wonderfully along card folds. Simply place the right edge of the pattern along the card fold and lightly trace the solid lines. Remove the template and cut along the drawn lines only. Open the card to fold the lattice pieces. Then close the card for a fancy lattice edge.

To accent the lattice design, flip the cut-out lattice pattern to the back, then trace the lines with a gold, silver or white pen. Turn the lattice pattern face up again to fold. That way, the traced lines will appear on the front when folded.

Grateful Card

(Insert LAT grateful card image) To make the Grateful card, use the lattice pattern on the first row, second from the right. Open the card face-up. Place the pattern along the bottom edge of the card front opening, so the tip of the first lattice piece meets the right edge of the card with the sixth lattice piece Lightly trace the solid lines, cut along the lines and fold. Cover the card front with a 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 rectangle of pink floral sponged paper. Mat the grateful definition on pink sponged and white, each with a 1/8 border. Wrap pink grosgrain ribbon around the lower right corner and glue a ribbon bow to the upper left corner. Glue the definition centered on the card front. Cover the card inside with pink paper or pink vellum.

Supplies for the Grateful card:

Love Card

(Insert LAT love card image) To make the Love card, use the lattice pattern on the bottom of the template. Open the card face up, then place the lattice pattern along the fold of the card. Lightly trace the solid lines. Cut out the lines, then fold the lattice pieces. Close the card. Cover the card front with a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 rectangle of dark blue speckled paper. Cut a 4 1/2 x 5 rectangle of light blue speckled, tear along the top edge, then glue it to the bottom of the card front. Fold the glassine envelope. Criss-cross blue and lavender ribbons around the envelope front, gluing the ends at the back. Glue the envelope to the card front. Glue a love word fragment to a blue tag. Use a swirl clip to clip the tag to the ribbon. Mat the It is by loving quote onto blue vellum, leaving a 1/4 border. Chalk the quote blue and purple. Glue the quote at an angle to the card front, so the lower left corner is tucked into the envelope.

Supplies for the Love card:

Its like having a mini office at your fingertips! The Library Card Holders & Mini File Folders Template is perfect to make pockets for holding journaling or file folders for your titles.

To use the template, first choose the pocket of file size you wish to use. Place the template on the back of the paper and trace the solid lines with a pencil. Cut out the shape. For the pockets, fold the sections in the order as shown on the template. Glue the edges to secure the folds. For the file folders, fold the paper in half with the back facing up, then place the template on the fold and trace the solid lines. Unfold the folder and refold so the patterned-side of the paper is facing up, then glue along the sides only to secure.

Our First Barbeque

(Insert Barbeque image) To make Our First Barbeque page, mat a 9x8 rectangle of Kelly green/yellow plaid to Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4101. Fold the upper left corner, then ink the edges. To hold the folded corner in place, attach an inked circle of yellow cardstock to the corner with an antique mini brad. Attach an antique triangle clip to the top of the rectangle, then glue the rectangle to the barnwood background paper as shown. Mat the photo and journaling onto yellow cardstock and inked the edges. Journal the menu onto white cardstock, ink the edges black, then mat it onto the plaid. To create an easy pull, fold a length of green fiber to the top of the menu and attach it with an antique brad. Use the pattern on the lower left corner of the template to create the pocket from yellow cardstock. Ink the edges black, then glue a 1/4 wide strip of plaid paper across the front. Insert the menu into the pocket. Glue the journaling at overlapping angles to the right of the pocket, then glue a knotted length of fiber between the two journaling pieces. Ink the edges of a 2 square of yellow cardstock, then attach an antique brad to the upper left corner. Glue cut-out photos of food to the square. For the grocery receipt pocket, use the large file folder pattern on the template to make a file folder from yellow cardstock. Repeat the plaid strip on the front. Insert the receipt into the pocket. Attach a triangle clip to the side as shown.

Supplies for the Our First Barbeque album page:

Additional supplies:

  • Black ink pad
  • Black pen
  • Grocery receipt

Mothers Day Report Card

(Insert Report Card image) To make the Mothers Day Report Card page, cut 1/2 wide strips of striped paper and glue around the edges of a sheet of Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4101. Use a black pen to draw a line around the outer edge, then another line on the inside edge. Attach an antique brad to each corner, then chalk the lines red, blue and green. Journal in a square shape inside the line, then chalk the words, alternating red, blue and green. Glue a striped square centered on the page. Mat two photos onto yellow cardstock. Draw a line around the edges, then chalk one edge red and the other blue. Glue them overlapping at angles to the striped square. For the file folder, use the large pattern on the template. Repeat the line and chalked edges. Glue a strip of horizontal stripes across the front, then top with a gingham bow. Journal on a small square of yellow cardstock, repeat the line and chalked edges, then attach it to the folder with a brad. Journal the report card onto yellow cardstock, again repeating the line and chalked edges, then insert it into the file folder.

Supplies for the Mothers Day Report Card album page:

Additional supplies:

  • Decorating chalks
  • Antique bradsd
  • Black pen