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I Love Dad Card

Gail Booth

I Love Dad Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Lace the buckle through the belt strips for a fun look.



  1. Use the die-cut card paper patterns to trace and cut out a center panel from Hunkydory brown “leather” border adorable scorable cardstock, keeping the border at the top. Place your card with the fold on the top and glue the cardstock centered on the front panel, keeping an even white border around the edges. Trace and cut out side panels from the brown leather border piece and glue them onto the card side panels.
  2. Pop out the belt and buckle die-cuts from the World’s Greatest Dad die-cut sheet. Glue a 4” long strip with no holes even with the right edge of the front panel, ¼” from the bottom. Place the strip with holes through the belt buckle and foam tape the edges of the buckle ¾” from the right, V-shaped end of the strip. Glue the strip in place, keeping the buckle centered and trimming even with the left side of the front panel.
  3. Foam tape the green jacket die-cut centered at the top of the panel and foam tape the “I Love Dad” and “On Your Special Day” greetings as shown. Foam tape buttons on the left and right side panels.