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Sophisticated Scrapbooking

by Sara Naumann

So, what exactly IS sophisticated scrapbooking?

Think elegant. Think grown-up. Then take a look at this timeless layout from designer Shauna Berglund-Immel. From color choice to layout design, Shauna gives us a perfect example of a sophisticated scrapbook page.

We asked her to help identify the principles that make a page timeless, classic and so sophisticated. Keep reading to discover Shaunas tips and ideas for sophisticated scrapbooking.

Principle #1: Classic Colors

Sophisticated scrapbooking tends to use classic colors, like black and white, sepia, navy and red. You wont see any neons or bright primaries, and youll rarely see hybrid colors like teal. If the page does use a hybrid color, its often a very light or pale shade of the color. Remember, the black and white and sepia could be used in the photos, in the paper or both!

Principle #2: Layering:

Layering papers and overlapping elements is a subtle way to create a sophisticated layout. When elements interact, it draws the readers eye into the layout. Notice how Shauna used simple squares and rectangles to draw your eye right to the photograph.

Principle #3: Straight Lines

Put those patterned scissors away! Set down that circle cutter! Try a clean look with straight lines instead. If your layout starts looking too linear, tilt some of your accents as Shauna did here, add some fiber to soften the lines or create a torn edge. Straight lines keep the look clean, classic and unencumbered and they're especially effective for masculine layouts.

Principle #4: Presenting Photos

Sophisticated pages dont just hold the photothey present it. Thats not to say all of your pages should be limited to only one photo, but when special photos or event calls for it, why not make the investment? Very often, we get caught up in the pressure to complete our albums and scrap as many photos as possible. This pressure can result in layouts that are so crammed with photos, they simply dont present the memory the way you want to remember it.

Principle #5: Dimension

Sophisticated layouts frequently have deeper dimension, whether thats with foam tape, vellum or lumpy embellishments. Shauna used alphabet tiles, charms, tags, fiber and foam tape to add dimension to this page, yet it never detracts from the photo.

Principle #6: Dress For the Occasion

Would you wear a designer dress to the ballpark? Of course not. You also wouldnt wear your old jeans to a formal dinner. You can apply the same logic when you dress your pages. For example, heritage, wedding, even baby and kids photos look great with a sophisticated style. However, photos of your 14-year olds slumber party pillow fight will look much better when scrapbooked with a fun, funky or whimsical touch to match the photo. To dress this photo, Shauna chose papers to support the theme and color, then added a few embellishments (alphabet tiles, charms, fiber) to add the finishing touches.

One Last Thing

You can copy Shaunas layout down to the very last embellishmentbut remember, sophistication and style is all about individual personality. Dont forget to add your own personality to every page you create!

Shauna created this layout with paper from Mixing Carlee’s Papers and alphabet tiles from Alphabet Tiles #2 Cut-Outs™ which she chalked with Chalks. She used fiber from the Artsy Additions Artsy Additions™ Tan 3-D Collection and added embossed Words Embossed Paper Charms. See more of Shaunas work in her idea book, Shauna’s Secrets of Scrapbooking.