Using the Lattice Fold Template

40th Anniversary Lattice Page
Designer: Susan Cobb

Frame a special photo with a uniquely cut vellum mat. Think it looks tricky? Its notpaper engineer and scrapbook designer Susan Cobb can tell you how!


patterned Paper Pizazz: Mixing Textured Papers
Paper Pizazz pastel purple vellum
Paper Pizazz Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #15517
metallic gold embossed paper hardware: Paper Pizazz Hardware Punch-Outs
Lattice Folds
black pen

Susans Tip: I wanted to create a special focal point on this page for the wonderful anniversary photo. The lattice fold was just perfect! I glued two pieces of vellum together, then cut the lattice design as a border. The faux-texture papers combine together effortlessly, and the metallic gold hardware adds a special touch.

How to Make Susans Page:
To make the background: Cut a 9 1/4 x 11 piece of plum crosshatch paper and glue to the center of the plum sponged background paper. Mat photos on plum watercolor paper and set aside.

For the lattice vellum mat: Cut a 6 5/8 x 10 1/4 piece of pastel purple vellum, and a 3 1/4 x 10 piece of white vellum. Place your piece of white vellum on your work surface. Place the pastel purple vellum on top, aligning the long edges together at the left side. Glue the top and bottom corners together to secure the edgesuse a light touch to apply adhesive.

Using the center lattice design, flip the template over and place the left edge of the design against the left edge of the vellum, starting about 5/16 from the top. Tip: When the template is right side up, the mirror image of the same design would work on the right edge of the vellum rather than the left side. Use the pencil to outline the design, then with the vellum edges still together, cut the design through both pieces at once with scissors. Fold the cuts down, even with the left vellum edge as shown. Glue folds in place.

Journaling: Write on the vellum with the black pen, then glue to the plum crosshatch paper on the page, about 1 3/4 from the left edge of the page and 3/4 from the bottom. To get beautiful script writing, print out journaling on the computer using a script font. Place under the vellum and trace with a black pen. Glue matted photos in place as shown. Punch out hardware and glue in place.

Susan Cobb is the talent behind Hot Off The Press templates. The Lattice Folds template is her newest creation. At just $4.99, it offers tons of creative options at a great price!