Acrylic Stamps

About the Layouts
Acrylic Stamps
Designer: LeNae Gerig

Stamping has officially hit the world of scrapbooking. And the best part: You don't have to be an expert's easy to get started!

Acrylic stamps and clear acrylic mounts make stamping simpler than ever. Acrylic stamps are clear and unmountedyou'll find many individual designs on a single sheet. All you do is pull back the liner sheet and peel off your choice of stamp design. Then, simply press the stamp on a clear mount...the acrylic material will cling to the mount with no adhesive necessary.

Once you have the stamp on the block, it's time to ink. One option is to place the ink pad on a flat surface, hold on to the clear mount and tap the stamp into the ink. Or, you can place the clear mount on a flat surface, stamp side up, and hold the ink pad in your hand, tapping it onto the stamp. Either method will produce great results.

Now that your stamp is mounted and inked, get ready to stamp! Hold the clear mount in your hand and align the stamp over the area of your project you want to stamp. Since the block is clear, you can see right through it for perfect placement on your project. Press the stamp onto your project with medium, allover pressure, taking care not to rock the stamp. Then carefully lift the stamp and reveal your stamped design!

After stamping, simply peel the stamp off the clear block, rinse off each with soap and water and pat dry. Finally, replace the stamp on it's storage sheet (the acrylic material clings to the sheet just as it clings to the block).

So give it a try! All you need to get started is a sheet of acrylic stamps, a clear mount and an ink pad. Read on to see how LeNae used acrylic stamps to accent some of her very latest layouts.

Demara Men
By LeNae Gerig

LeNae created a unique patchwork background by layering strips of various papers and overlapping the seams with alternating stitches. She customized a basic blue monogram with stamped swirls and contained a collage of embellishments within two trendy brackets.

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  1. Use light blue textured paper as the background. Ink the edges of a 7 3/4"x2 3/4" strip of rust striped paper (stripes running vertically) and glue it across the top right side of the page. Ink the edges of a 7 1/2"x3" strip of rust/blue woven paper and glue it overlapping the bottom edge of the striped strip, positioned slightly to the right. Ink the edges of a 7 1/4"x1 3/4" strip of rust/blue woven paper and glue it across the bottom right side of the page. Tear down the left edge of a 7 1/2"x2 3/4" strip of rust floral paper and ink the edges. Glue it overlapping the top edge of the lower woven strip, positioned slightly to the left.
  2. Stamp continuous zigzag and straight stitches across the top and bottom of each of the strips, alternating between the two stitching patterns.
  3. Double-mat a 5"x7" photo on white, then light blue cardstock, trimming the white mat to 1/16" and the blue mat to 1/8" and inking the edges of each. Glue the photo centered over the paper strips.
  4. Heavily sand a blue monogram. Place the monogram on a piece of scrap paper and stamp a repeating swirl pattern, allowing the swirls to run off the edges of the monogram. Accent the monogram with three brown brads and foam tape it to the left of the paper strips.
  5. Computer journal onto the tag cut-out, accent with a brown flower brad and foam tape it below the monogram. Add a small blue silk flower, attached with a brown flower brad, plus two brown mini brads in a row below the tag. Stamp a curly bracket both above and below the collage.

Bethany's 4th Birthday
By LeNae Gerig

LeNae added contrast and style to this colorful layout with birthday-themed expressions. She stamped the words and phrases directly onto paper, punch-outs, ribbon and even a Great Big Brad! When stamping on surfaces such as glossy punch-outs and metal brads, be sure to use an ink pad that's made to dry quickly on non-porous surfaces, like a StazOn.

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  1. Glue a 2"-wide strip of pink floral paper down the left edge of the yellow textured paper. Glue the flower border punch-out overlapping the seams between the two papers.
  2. Mat a 7"x5" photo on white cardstock, trim to 1/8" and ink the edges black. Place pink ribbon on a piece of scrap paper and tape the ends to hold it in place. Continuously stamp birthday across the ribbon and let dry. Run the ribbon down the left side of the photo and tape the tails to the back side of the mat. Glue the photo across the top of the page. Zot a bow of lavender ribbon at the top of the stamped ribbon. Stamp wishes on the blank pink tab punch-out and glue the punch-out down the top right edge of the photo.
  3. Stamp the swirly Happy Birthday pattern centered below the photo, accenting the ends of various swirls with pink, dark pink and yellow mini brads.
  4. For the collage at the bottom of the page:
    • Stamp happy birthday! across the blank heart punch-out and Zot a bow of pink ribbon below the phrase.
    • Mat a small photo on white cardstock, trim to 1/8" and ink the edges. Add a lavender heart brad to the top right corner.
    • Insert a white brad into a piece of scrap paper and place on a flat surface. Stamp the circular birthday wish stamp on top of the brad and let dry. Insert the brad in the center of the large pink flower punch-out.
    • Computer journal onto the blank pink tag punch-out. Zot a lavender bow over the tab and add the crown Brad Buddy to the bottom.

Glue all the elements overlapping across the bottom of the page and accent with the just for you stamp.