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Designer Wish Lists

Ever wonder what the scrapbooking pros want for Christmas? (Contrary to popular belief, they dont already own everythingbut their scrap rooms might look like they do!) Hot Off The Press designers shared which must-have paper crafting items they wantno, needthis year for Christmas.

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Dear Santa,

First of all, I would like a complete set of the new Christmas Foil Papers. These will be perfect for scrapbooking my holiday photos!

Im also wishing for the Pastel Vellum Papers, and a set of Suede Papers. I love the look of vellum with the foil, and the combination of all the textures when you add suede to the mix--especially for making cards.

And please, Santa, if there's room in your bag, I'd love a 20 Blossoms template, too! I could make lots of pretty flower embellishments, layering the different papers together. I'd also love the 4 sets of stencils and metallic cream chalks. They're especially great for cards, and scrapbook pages, too. I could mix and match these stencils on my projects, and they are re-usable. I could also use them with other chalks, glitter, or pens.

Thank you, Santa!


Dear Santa,

I wish for Kyla's Swirly Box template! I can't wait to use this template to make cute gift boxes for my handmade jewelry.

I also want an entire set of the 18 New Dazzles stickers. I can't wait to add them to my collection of cards. (Secret: I stockpile cards, making 20+ at a time and then I always have them when I need them.)

From Paper Wishes I would love to have some of the Patera jewelry pieces. I love wearable art and sharing it with friends. The Tree Branch Necklace for a photo of my daughterso cute! The Patera Oval Necklace with the dangling pearl would be perfect for Grandma too!

I would also like to put a heat gun on my list. I'm really into stamping on tissue paper and then using the heat gun to apply it to the candle (see webisode) for a really quick and easy gift.

Thanks, Santa! Ill have the milk and cookies out!


Dear Santa,

I have so many pages marked in my Paper Wishes catalog! Where do I begin to start a wish list?

I have been exceptionally good this year so I am sure you have plenty of room in your sleigh for my goodies. To start off, I love working with the Dazzles for my cardmaking, especially the Stitched and Stacked Dazzles. Those Stitched Snowmen (1892) are just too cute.

Then of course, templates are always handy for making any embellishment I need to match my project. I love the 15 Butterflies and Dragonflies template vellum butterflies are perfect for card focals and to add to Saras Surfaces.

I have been scrapping away so I could always use more albums. The Blue SnapLoad album is beautiful. And of course, I can never pass up a cute tote bag. I just love the Ladybug Tote Bag. I could use that for going to crops and classes, out running errands with my boys or even as a carry on.

Thanks, Santa!


Dear Santa,

This year I have been especially goodand while its hard to resist asking for all the wonderful things in the Paper Wishes catalog, there are a few items Im really hoping for.

Id really really really like a Retractable Pick. Paulette let me use hers on a Webisode and it makes stitching, inserting brads and paper piercing so easy. Im also pining for the 1,000 Card Quotes CDas you know, I make a lot of cards and this CD will make it super easy to get gorgeous sentiments. And Im hoping for the Winter Scrapbooking Dazzles because I have a lot of winter-themed photos to scrap this year!

Thank you, Santa! Ill have the pepernoten waiting for you!


Oh, Santaif you have some extra room in your sleigh, Id also love a 3 Drawer Case for getting my 12x12 papers organized. Its one of my New Years resolutions!