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Pergamano Card

LeNae Gerig

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LeNae's Tip: Using chalk really helps to make the punched borders stand out.

Pergamano Card
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. With the card fold at the top, cover the card with 6 1/2x4 5/8 black glimmer paper, leaving the bottom edge of the card white. Cut a 6 1/8x 4 1/8 purple floral rectangle. Center and glue on to the glimmer paper. Adhere a silver dot border along the bottom edge of the glimmer paper.
  2. Cut a 3x4 rectangle and a 3/8 strip of parchment paper. Place the strip over the embossing template and select a scalloped section of border. Use the needle tool to punch though the parchment, following the pattern seen through the sheer parchment paper. Punch the length of the strip. Remove the strip from the template and turn over. Use fingertips to apply purple chalk to the raised surface of the punched pattern. Glue the strip to the white portion on the cards bottom edge.
  3. Punch a scallop along the two long sides and bottom edge of the rectangle. Remove from template and apply chalk to the raised surface on the reverse side. Cut a 2 1/8x3 3/4 rectangle of blue floral paper. Ink the edges black and glue to the parchment rectangle as shown. Adhere three butterfly stickers and glue the rectangle flush with the top of the card as shown.
  4. Stamp happy anniversary on the left side of the card and adhere a small butterfly and flower stem above it.