Birthday Pail

LeNae Gerig

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LeNae's Tip: The glitter sheets are very easy to use and require very little pressure when adhering to the adhesive words. Fun and easy to use!

Birthday Pail
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Cut a 5x12 border from two sheets of red dot paper, follow the instructions for applying the adhesive sheet and glitter to what will be the paper on the front of the pail. Wrap the paper around the pail sides and glue the seams on each side.
  2. Cut a 5/8x12 strip of striped paper and glue around the top edge. Adhere the Today is your birthday with the dot border around the top edge of the pail, placing a large star between each group of words. Apply blue glitter to the adhesive.
  3. Layer and glue two flowers to the left side of the striped paper border and knot a length of yellow rick rack and glue to the center of the flowers. Knot colorful ribbons around the pail handle on the left side.
  4. Wrap your gift in tissue paper and place inside the pail.