Best Wishes

Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Papers, Transfer & 2 Dazzles Bundle or you can order them separately.

Susan's Tip: When using the transfer sheet, be sure to burnish the sticker very wellyou can use the back of your fingernail or a bone folder. Pull up the adhesive material slowly, so you can watch to see if it is pulling up all of the sticker "insides". If a piece isn't pulling up with the adhesive, lay the adhesive back down over that portion of the sticker and burnish it more, then try pulling it up again. Use the same process when applying the sticker "insides" to your paperwatch to see that when you remove the adhesive, the sticker "insides" stay on the paper. If they pull up with the adhesive, burnish more, then try removing the adhesive again. I love how these silver stickers look against this dark blue glimmer--very striking! And the detail is exquisite.

Best Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Turn the card so the fold is at the top. Using the short side of the paper even with the top, cover the card front with dark blue glimmer paper. Glue a 6 1/4"x4 3/4" blue lace rectangle centered over the glimmer. Cut a 5 3/8"x3 1/2" blue glimmer rectangle and mat on light blue textured paper, then ink the edges. Glue the mat centered to the blue lace paper on the card front.
  2. Carefully pull the 2 1/2" outline of the medallion sticker from the bottom of the Dazzles sticker sheet, then attach only a small portion of it to the plastic sheet protector and set aside (you will replace it on the backing of the sticker sheet when finished with the insides, for later use). Cut a piece of transfer material to cover the "insides" of the sticker. Remove the backing and place the adhesive over the sticker "insides". Burnish well with the back of your fingernail or a bone folder. Slowly pull up the adhesive, watching to see that it removes all pieces of the sticker. Place the adhesive with the sticker insides over the center of the blue glimmer on the card front and press in place. Burnish well, then slowly remove the adhesive backing, watching to see that all the pieces stay on the glimmer.
  3. Repeat the process of transferring the insides of the 7/8" circular medallion to blue glimmer, trim around edges, then mat on light blue textured paper and ink edges. Foam tape the circle over the center of the first sticker on the glimmer.
  4. Add the outline stickers on each side as shown. Use the transfer material to attach the "insides" of a border across the bottom of the blue glimmer rectangle as shown. Replace outline stickers back onto the sticker sheet for later use. Write or computer print "Best wishes" on light blue, trim and ink edges. Glue to upper right portion of the card front.
  5. Inside the card: Glue an inked blue lace strip across the inside. Write or computer print "today and always" on light blue, trim and mat on blue glimmer. Glue centered to the inside. Transfer the "insides" of 1 1/8" medallion sticker to glimmer, trim around the edges, then glue near the words.