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Birthday Wishes

Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Papers, Pencils & 2 Dazzles Bundle or you can order them separately.

Susan's Tip: I love using these colored pencils to enhance our Dazzles outline stickers! The colors are really blendable, so you can create a ton of colors from this set of 12. They are also very comfortable to hold, with their soft-edged triangle shape! After attaching the rose sticker to white vellum, I used two colored pencils to blend the color for the roses"lovely pink", and "red kiss"--to create a color that matches the dark pink background paper. To do this, I sharpened the pencils to get a good point, then colored in the petals with the lovely pink. I then added the red kiss color over the pink, blending the two together. I used "apple green" for the leaves.

Birthday Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Cover the card front with dark pink paper. Cut a 4 1/2"x6" rectangle from the corner border portion of the blue, dark pink, green flowers and swirls paper, then mat the top and left side with white vellum. Tear the edges of the vellum, then glue the matted rectangle even with the lower right corner of the card front.
  2. Attach a large rose Dazzle sticker to vellum, then tear around the edges to a 2 1/3"x3" rectangle. Color in the roses with the "lovely pink" pencil, then add "red kiss" over the pink. Color in the leaves with the "apple green" pencil. Glue the vellum rectangle to the card front as shown. Glue "birthday wishes" tag to the front, and Zot a ribbon knot as shown.
  3. Inside the card: Glue a 5"x2 1/4" piece of remaining blue paper across the inside with the swirls at the left. Cut a 5"x1/2" dark pink strip and glue along the bottom edge of the blue paper. Write on the blue tag and attach as shown with ribbon. Attach smaller rose to vellum, tear edges, then color inside spaces as in step #2. Glue to blue paper.