Embossed Purse

Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: Stamp and emboss the front flap of this cute little purse while it is still flat, this makes it easier to work with. Use the clear embossing marker to outline the edge of the flap, then emboss it. Use colored pencils to fill in the open spaces of the flowers and leaves.

Embossed Purse
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Place the flat purse on your work surface with the flap facing toward you, on the left side. Stamp and emboss the corner flower image centered on the flap. Place a piece of scrap paper beneath the flap, then use the embossing marker to draw around the edge of the flap, then quickly add the embossing powder. Shake off the excess, then emboss.
  2. Turn the flat purse over, and cover the front of the handle with purple textured paper. Trim the inner and outer edges with your knife. Assemble the purse by pulling the sides up to form a square, then interlock the flaps on the inside. Press the perforated sides in and pull the front and back together. Insert the handle into the slit at the base of the flap, then tuck the flap into the curved slit on the front of the purse.
  3. Mat the green dotted border on purple textured paper, then on dark blue paper. Glue across the front of the purse beneath the flap. Cover the back with green/purple/aqua/blue/gold dots and circles paper. Write "for you" on white, trim to a small rectangle, then mat on light blue and dark blue papers. Glue to handle. Zot a knotted ribbon to the handle as shown.
  4. To color in the embossed image: Use the strawberry colored pencil to color in the flower petals, then add the ultra violet pencil over it. Use the apple green pencil to color in the leaves, then use the green golf pencil over that.