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Black, Red, Silver Doll

Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip:These dolls make great guardian angels or scrapping angels.

Black, Red, Silver Doll
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Cover the doll pieces with light blue/white words paper or textured paper. Trim the excess from the edges with your knife. Set the pieces aside. Place a 2"x3" piece of metal on the thin mat with the silver side up. Use the wavy perforated wheel tool to make vertical lines in the metal. Add adhesive to the hair piece. Turn the metal over and attach it over the hair piece. Trim with scissors and fold the excess over the sides of the chipboard. Sand the design to show the detail. Create jewelry pieces (diagonal wheel) and boots (horizontal lines with wavy perforated wheel) and attach in the same manor.
  2. Cut a 3"x3" piece of metal and place it black side up over the checked mold. Use the stump to impress the metal, then define with the flat end of a tool. Attach to bottom of the body with adhesive, trim and fold the edges. Use the sanding block to create the silver/black checked pattern.
  3. Cut a 3 1/2"x1" piece of metal and place it over the butterfly mold with the black side up. Create the impression as above, then remove from the mold and use the roller tools to create a border at the top and bottom. Trim the edges close to the borders at the top and bottom. Sand the design, then attach the red/black square brad to the center. Place over the waist of the doll body, trim excess, then fold edges over sides of the doll. Use the remaining butterfly "halves" for the "hearts" at the top of the boots. Cut around each piece, then attach to the top of the boots with Zots.
  4. Attach the hair piece to the head with adhesive. Add mini brads to small flowers, then attach to the doll with Zots. Attach the arms and legs to the body with brads and Zots. Add wire hanger to the back for hanging as desired.