Cookie Recipe Binder

LeNae Gerig

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LeNae's Tip: When flocking the center of the cookie, use your fingers to press the flocking into the adhesive on the cookie. Press firmly and then dump excess back into the jar. You use very little and the jar goes a long way!

Cookie Recipe Binder
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Use the surface of the white inkpad on the binding of the binder. Let dry. Apply glue stick to the surface of the binder and cover with pastel blue paper. Trim the paper even with the binder edges. Tear the right side of a 1 3/4 wide strip of yellow gingham paper and glue next to the binding. Use your fingertips to roll the torn edge. Trim the ends even with the binder edges. Repeat for the back of the binder.
  2. Wrap the pink dot ribbon around the gingham on the front and tie a bow. Make tags from white cardstock and mat with pink paper. Journal Cookie Recipes on one and stamp Baked with love by: on the other. Glue under the bow.


  1. Punch a scalloped cookie from the following: 1 pink, 1 white and 1 yellow. Cut 1 lavender and 1 white 2" circles from the template. Use the glue pad to apply glue to the surface of both white pieces. Apply flocking. Layer the pieces on the cover as shown, gluing to secure. Embellish with pink rhinestones for the cookie sprinkles.


  1. Label each divider with different types of cookies, such as: drop cookies, bar cookies and no bake cookies. Staple a folded ribbon next to each tab. Decorate the divider pages and pockets with scraps of pastel papers, more punched cookies and ribbon. Place recipe cards in pockets.