2009 Day to Day

Laura Nicholas

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Glitter Binder Bundle or you can order them separately.

Laura's Tip:Its easy to give the Grungeboard pieces a touch of sparkle by covering them with glitter sheets. And I love that theres no mess with the glitter! The sheets are very forgiving so if you miss a spot, you can go back and add more.

2009 Day to Day
By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Ink the spine and edges of the binder.
  2. Cut a 2-wide strip of striped paper and glue along the edge of the binder, flush with the left edge. Trim excess paper from the top and bottom with an X-acto knife.
  3. Cover the rest of the front cover with yellow paper. Trim excess even with the edges using an X-acto knife.
  4. Ink the binder edges and add penwork along the edge of the yellow paper.
  5. Cut a 1/4-wide strip of adhesive and place across the seam of the papers. Add lime green glitter to the strip.
  6. Cover letters with purple paper: Place Humungo adhesive on the letter, place patterned paper on top. Turn the letters over and place on a cutting mat, then trim around the edges with an X-acto knife. Lightly sand the edges and attach to the binder cover.
  7. Cut a lime paper rectangle and a slightly smaller purple paper rectangle and ink the edges of both. Add penwork stitching around the edges. Overlap the pieces and glue to the yellow paper as shown.
  8. Cover the brackets with checked paper.
  9. Glitter the numbers: Place a piece of the adhesive sheet onto the front of a number, turn the number over and place on a cutting surface. Trim around the outside edges with an X-acto knife. Remove the adhesive liner, then place aqua blue glitter on top. Repeat technique to trim around the edges. Attach glittered letters to the binder front. Add brackets.
  10. Repeat to add pink glitter to the small butterfly, aqua glitter to a medium butterfly and lime glitter to a large butterfly. Attach to the binder cover.
  11. Line the inside front and back covers with checked papers.
  12. Embellish the dividers with strips of papers and glitter-covered butterflies. Staple pieces of ribbons to the dividers.
  13. Attach handles to the binder and tie ribbons to the handles.